We at Tico Tech, Inc.TM are more than just business people with a passion for art — we are Innovators, Thinkers, Problem Solvers.

We are a place for creative solutions. When we hear ourselves say, “Why hasn’t someone…” or “I wish someone would…” — it is the beginning of an opportunity. This is the inspiration for a possible invention. We currently hold four patents: One for our screw-on funnels, one for a Highway Electric Generator and two for our newest innovation, an improved ergonomic caulking gun. Our funnels have been in production for more than 14 years and are available through our website and elsewhere around the country. The Highway Electric Generator is designed to remain flat and unobstructive in a roadbed until vehicles approach then utilizes energy from the passing vehicles to turn a turbine. This energy may be used to power isolated lights, well pumps or other devices, or its power may be added to the electricity grid. Tico Tech, Inc. is seeking to develop a prototype and suitable venues for an initial installation. Our newly patented caulking gun has two patents and is a substantial leap forward in dispenser design. We have made several improvements to the traditional caulking gun to benefit the user:
  • The handle easily slides to any position forward and rearward for ergonomically balanced use of the gun.
  • The nozzle cut-off is positioned away from the internal mechanism of the trigger.
  • A simple and automatic “no drip” mechanism.
  • A retractable arm clip to secure the gun to the user’s arm for better control.
We are constantly looking for new avenues for product development and always have something on the drawing board. By exploring new products and solutions, we seek to find inspiration and opportunity to improve the world around us. We enjoy collaboration and are always open to inspirations from the public. We hope to bring you more news in the months and years to come.