Tico Tech, Inc.TM is more than just custom art glass.

Our name “Tico Tech” symbolizes innovation and a creative spirit. We are always looking for creative solutions to everyday problems and challenges we encounter.

Do you have challenges filling or refilling containers without spilling? Then check out our screw-on funnels. Made in the U.S.A. from food grade polypropylene, they offer a simple solution to fill and refill a container with ease.

They are a must-have in every kitchen, garage, garden shed and office!

Some distinguishing characteristics include:

  • Funnels screw onto most containers – trigger bottles, household cleaners, water bottles and a wide array of other containers.
  • Larger diameter opening provides unimpeded flow into the container.

Our funnels make great gifts, for a great price…and best of all, they WORK!

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