Specialty Glass

Garden Art

with our handcrafted stained glass Pinwheel.

A true “drought resistant flower,” our beautiful Pinwheel is designed with six petals of stained glass, trimmed with rust-resistant zinc and crafted to form a brilliantly colored daisy which dances with light and enchants your garden.

Engineered with a ball bearing, this Pinwheel is balanced to spin in the slightest breeze, yet can also withstand strong winds.

Tico Tech, Inc. produces the Pinwheel in single-colored, multi-colored, and textured clear glass. Each Pinwheel is handmade in the U.S.A. and signed by the artists.  Pinwheels measure 11″ in diameter and 26″ high.

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We show the rainbow pattern here on the website but custom color options are available.

Contact us directly for custom color orders, international orders, or if you’d like to order a larger quantity at a time. We are happy to create a custom order just for you.

Rainbow Pinwheel – $55.00 including tax, shipping and handling to the contiguous U.S.

Sandblasted Glass

Sandblasting uses abrasives and forced air to permanently carve images, designs, and words onto glass. Sandblasting can also include deep carving, superficial etching, and enamel painting – very precise techniques.

We at Tico Tech, Inc. are experts at sandblasting. Transform your clear shower door into a private haven with a peek-a-boo window, add a beautiful design to showers, glass doors, mirrors or windows, or add your company’s logo to your office doors or windows.

We work with designers, contractors, and homeowners to reproduce logos, enhance decor, add privacy, and create customized displays. Text, designs, and patterns are limited only by your imagination. We can accomplish whatever you envision!

Take a look at our Sandblasted Glass Gallery page for examples of sandblasting.





We at Tico Tech, Inc. specialize in creating. Through the many different expressions in glass, we decorate your home or building with original pieces of art that truly demonstrate and reflect your individuality and unique style.

One of the ways we can do that is through the beauty of custom mirrors. Whether it is simply a beveled mirror or custom designs on mirror, or antiqued mirror, let us show you the possibilities. What a special way to personalize your décor and add an element of sophistication in design.

Contact us today to get started on your mirrors, shower doors, windows, or other glass. We look forward to serving you!







Special Projects

From time to time we are asked to create something quite different from our normal glass projects.  Typically, our client has a request that requires an unorthodox solution.  Through our years of experience, unrestricted approach to problem-solving, disciplined analysis of the project at hand, creative perspectives and methodical execution, we achieve the desired result for our client.  We welcome the opportunity to apply this expertise and creativity to produce an exceptional piece for you.

For example, we designed this free-standing stainless steel table to fit perfectly into a corner of a high-rise condo kitchen. The minimalistic looking metal base includes a two level magazine rack below the 3/4″ Starphire glass table top. The design of the metal base gives the front of the glass the illusion of floating in space.

Since this table faces another high-rise condo, the clients wanted to have a privacy panel (skirt) below the table top. The privacy skirt is sandblasted to match the design of the counter backsplashes. Because the windows of the building are set back, a void exists between the table and the windows, making it possible that something might fall behind the table. So the skirt was made as two bi-fold glass panels that open for easy access.


Another example is a sculptural piece we did for Arlington Garden, a public garden in Pasadena (www.arlingtongardeninpasadena.org).  The whimsical piece created using water wands and painted PVC pipe represents the center of a poppy around which are four large concrete planters shaped to be the poppy petals.  As you can see, our sculpture is a working fountain, as well.  During Spring the planters become full of poppies.  It is a magical sight to behold!