Frequently Asked Questions

General Information

What geographic area(s) do you serve?

We have worked with clients throughout California from La Jolla to San Francisco.  We go where the work is so wherever you are, we will work something out.

Will you work with other vendors to coordinate the details of my project?

We are very happy to work with other vendors such as contractors, designers, and manufacturers of doors, windows, skylights, etc. to coordinate the specifications of fabrication and installation and ensure they are what we need to create your beautiful masterpiece.

We also have our own network of trusted professionals and resources for hardware, manufacturers, interior designers, and more – so if your project is still in its infancy, you are welcome to call us as your first step!

Leaded Art Glass (Stained Glass)

How do you price your work?

Our prices are based on size, complexity, and types of glass used in the project.

How long should I anticipate for my project to be completed?

Our time frame from conception to completion depends upon the size and complexity of the project. If you are remodeling your home, we will likely need to start after other construction is completed so we do not risk damaging your new custom art glass.

Given those factors, most of our projects take an average of about 6-8 weeks to complete. Contact us with your project goals and we can give you a better idea of the timeline.

Are your art glass designs the same as stained glass overlay?

No, each panel is designed with individually cut and assembled glass pieces.

What metals do you use in stained glass?

We use lead, copper foil, and zinc in our stained glass designs.

Do you have any lead-free designs?

We can produce lead-free panels with certain designs. Visit our Gallery to see some of our lead-free designs.

Do you only create original designs?

We do produce original art based upon our clients’ general directions and ideas.  However, we are also very happy to work with special designs our clients provide.


How long does the process take?

First the shower is measured.  Then the client specifies the type and finish of the hardware and other specifics such as towel bars and hooks.  Following delivery of a formal bid, we will order the fabrication with receipt of deposit.  Generally, the shower fabrication takes about 3-5 days with installation immediately following.

What is the difference between regular glass and Starphire glass?

The edge of regular glass has a blue-green tint.  Starphire has a more crystal clear quality and its edge has a bluish tint.  Starphire glass adds about 15 to 25% to the cost of the project compared to regular glass.

How do I decide between using 3/8” and 1/2” glass?

Generally, 3/8” glass is more than adequate for most showers.  Some people like the look of 1/2” thick glass but it otherwise just adds weight and cost to the showers.  For a few shower installations, 1/2″ glass is required.

Should I put a clear sealant on the glass?

Many people appreciate the value of putting a clear sealant on the glass to protect it from mineral deposits and water stains.  We recommend a company that uses Diamon Fusion on the glass to protect the glass—thus reducing the need to clean and maintain the glass through more direct and regular effort.

How do I get a design on my enclosure?

After an initial discussion, we provide you with a rendering of the art and how it will appear on the enclosure.  At that time we will also include pricing and lead-times.

Garden Art

How do I lubricate the pinwheel?

Use an ordinary lubricant such as WD-40 or 3-1.

Does the pinwheel contain lead?

The pinwheel does contain lead in small amounts. The solder has a lead component.

Do the colors of the pinwheel fade?

No.  A lasting benefit of the pinwheel is that the glass will not fade.


Do the funnels come in other sizes or colors?

Not at this time. Should we find a sufficient market for other sizes, the funnel can be made accordingly.

Are the funnels sold under different brand names?

Yes, we have had our funnels sold under different names and under license.  However, every one of our funnels carries our patent number embossed on the side of the cone.