Repairs and Restorations

One of the most endearing qualities of stained glass is that its radiance and beauty do not fade. In fact, properly crafted stained glass usually lasts 75-100 years depending on the climate and elements to which it is exposed.

Many homes, churches and other structures approaching their 75-100 year anniversary are in need of some glass TLC. As enthusiasts of glass art and the conservation of historical, architectural, and cultural landmarks, Tico Tech, Inc. is dedicated to preserving the antiquity and beauty of these buildings’ stained glass art with our excellent Repair and Restoration Services.

Our years of experience designing original stained glass works of art combined with our quality materials and precise workmanship ensure your complete satisfaction with your Repair and Restoration project.

Some repairs, usually minor, can be done on-site. For most repairs and certainly for restorations, be prepared to have your art glass extracted as the work must be done in our studio. Upon completion, the finished piece(s) will be expertly reinstalled to enhance the value of your home or building and give you years of enjoyment.

Let Tico Tech, Inc. help preserve the beauty of your home, church or building. Having served clients from La Jolla to San Francisco, we will assist you wherever you may be.

Contact us today for your glass art Repairs and Restorations!