Pasadena Staircase Landing Wisteria & China Cabinet

Pasadena Staircase Landing Wisteria and China Cabinet

Inspired by the inlay woodwork in the Dining Room chairs, the client wanted to repeat the motif of the inlay art onto the cabinet door glass. The effect ties the cabinets and the chairs together elegantly. The delicate nature of the glass work also adds a level of sophistication to the room.

When the same clients remodeled this classic craftsman home in Pasadena, they opened a space at the staircase landing for a window. The previously dark staircase now receives fresh sunlight, especially in the afternoon. The clients wanted a special stained-glass window to enhance the landing. The composition of the wisteria adds highlights of color with the branches, leaves and flowers, while still allowing ample light to lighten the staircase.

To make the composition more dramatic, there are no extraneous lines in the design. This approach challenges the artist to cut the background glass with a high degree of detail and precision. Prior to installation the stained-glass panel was triple-glazed. These two added layers of glass protect the art glass both on the exterior and interior sides.

San Gabriel – Calla Lily Kitchen Cabinets

San Gabriel – Calla Lily Kitchen Cabinets

A love of calla lilies inspired these cabinet doors for the kitchen in this San Gabriel home. To complement the Diego Rivera art on a wall, the client requested a design to include calla lilies, her favorite flower. Using the motif of the tile details in the backsplash, the composition of the lilies took shape. Beveled glass strips were added to elegantly frame the lilies.

To enhance the design further, the clear textured background glass, which has a unique swirl pattern, is cut contiguously throughout thus giving the illusion that the lilies are in front of the background glass. Together, the two glass doors provide a bold statement as one enters the kitchen.